We work sustainably and ecologically. We use REGIONAL FABRICS from Brazil, and reuse and recycle REMNANTS. From the remnants we produce the EXCLUSIVE ECO HANDBAGS. Each one is truly unique.


All products are manufactured in our family-owned company in Sao Paulo. For over 30 years, everyone here has put their heart and soul into the production and use of high-quality cotton and leather goods. All products are handmade.

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We produce ON DEMAND. This means that we only start production after you have placed your order. In this way, we avoid overproduction and do not need costly warehouse management. We are just as EFFICIENT when it comes to SHIPPING. We collect as many ORDERS as possible so that we do not have to ship products individually from Brazil to Germany.

ERFAHRE MEHR über unser nachhaltiges Denken und Handeln.


All fabrics used (leather and cotton) are of high quality, robust, some even waterproof, easy to maintain and long lasting.

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