Handmade in our family manufactory.


Able to be designed Individually.


Robust and chill made of natural leather or synthetic leather.


Sustainably produced and long-lasting.


The handmade beanbags made of natural leather from our family manufacture create unique lounge areas and retreats. Thanks to their configurability and versatility, they offer relaxed seating options for a wide variety of areas. With their Brazilian flair, they create a unique ambience at home and in hotels, bars or restaurants.


Sitzsack Leder von Brasilheroe
Sitzsack Leder von Brasilheroe in Hotelzimmer von Hotels.
Sitzsack aus exklusivem Stoff von Brasilheroe in Lounge-Bereich von Hotels.
Sitzsack aus exklusivem Stoff von Brasilheroe auf Terasse und Balkon von Hotel, Bar oder Gastronomie.
Sitzsack aus Leder oder Stoff von Brasilheroe in Lounge-Bereich von Hotels.



Individual branding with a logo or badge.


In addition to exclusive Brazilian fabrics, natural leather or imitation leather are available for the configuration.


The handmade beanbags from Brasilheroe bring a breath of fresh air to your surroundings. They make your home, hotel or office more colorful, lively and versatile. This benefits you, your guests or employees. With their Brazilian flair, the beanbags enhance any environment and become real highlights.

Yours, Luana dos Santos Held
Founder Brasilheroe

Exclusive designs and uniqueness
High quality & Handmade
Personal product variety with a lot of heart & love
Fairness and sustainability
For your living room, balcony, bar or restaurant 
Individuality through configuration according to your desired package in choice of fabric, colour or with your own company name/logo.


For over 30 years, our family firm in Brazil has been processing leather goods and exclusive Brazilian fabrics. The result is handmade home accessories with distinctive designs that make your hotel, your office and your chill-out area unique.

Stylish seating pleasure: The premium leather beanbag.

Sitzsack Leder

Leather beanbag premium. A luxurious highlight for the home.

A Premium leather beanbag can be the icing on the cake in your home. With its elegant design and first-class first-class comfort, the leather beanbag is a luxurious highlight. It is perfect for relaxing after a long day day or just for chilling out with friends. The leather beanbag offers outstanding seating comfort and adapts perfectly perfectly to the contours of your body. It is not only comfortable, but also extremely durable and robust. It is available in different colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect beanbag for your home. A Premium leather beanbag is an investment in luxury and comfort that you won't regret.

Why a premium leather beanbag is a good investment.

A beanbag for the hotel industry is an excellent choice for several reasons. Firstly, they offer comfort. With their flexible filling, they adapt to the contours of the body and provide a unique sitting experience. Secondly, they are low maintenance. Unlike traditional furniture, they require no special care or cleaning. cleaning. Thirdly, they are versatile. They can be placed in the lobby, on the terrace or in the room. Finally, they are also a stylish piece of furniture that gives the room a modern and casual atmosphere. Therefore, a beanbag is an asset to any hotel.

The high quality manufacture of leather beanbags.

Premium leather beanbags are a real highlight in any living room. They are characterized by their high-quality workmanship and durability. The leather is robust and at the same time pleasantly soft, which ensures a comfortable seating sensation. Another advantage is the filling. This adapts perfectly to the body and offers optimum seating comfort. seating comfort. The filling is also replaceable, which extends the life of the beanbag. A leather beanbag Premium is therefore a worthwhile investment that pays off in terms of design and comfort. Ideal for cozy evenings at home or as stylish seating for the office.

A variety of designs and colour options to suit every taste.

Die Premium Leder Sitzsäcke sind nicht nur bequem, sondern auch stilvoll. Sie sind in einer Vielzahl von Designs und
Farben erhältlich, um jeden Geschmack zu treffen. Ob Sie sich für ein klassisches Schwarz, ein kräftiges Rot oder ein
sanftes Beige entscheiden, Sie können sicher sein, dass Ihr Sitzsack ein echter Hingucker ist. Darüber hinaus können
Sie aus verschiedenen Formen und Größen wählen, um genau den richtigen Sitzkomfort zu finden. Ob rund, eckig oder
in Sesselform - für jeden ist der passende Leder Sitzsack dabei. Und das Beste: Das hochwertige Leder ist nicht nur
äußerst robust und langlebig, sondern fühlt sich auch unglaublich weich und luxuriös an. Genießen Sie höchsten
Komfort mit einem Leder Sitzsack Premium. Ein Leder Sitzsack Premium ist das ultimative Upgrade für jeden Wohnraum. Mit seinem luxuriösen Design und
unvergleichlichem Komfort bringt dieser Sitzsack das gewisse Extra in Ihr Zuhause. Leder ist nicht nur optisch
ansprechend, sondern bietet auch eine beständige und langlebige Oberfläche, die zu jedem Einrichtungsstil passt. Der
bequeme Sitzsack ist wie ein Sessel, in dem man sich entspannen und den Tag ausklingen lassen kann. Durch seine
flexible Füllung passt er sich perfekt an die Körperform an und bietet ein unvergleichliches Sitzerlebnis. Egal ob Sie
lesen, fernsehen oder einfach nur sitzen möchten, der Leder Sitzsack Premium sorgt immer für die richtige
Entspannung. Wählen Sie den Luxus und Komfort, den nur ein Leder Sitzsack bieten kann.

Where to buy your premium leather beanbag.

Are you looking for a premium leather beanbag? You're in luck! There are many places where you can buy such high-quality beanbags can be purchased. Whether you search the internet or browse through local furniture stores, you're sure to certainly find what you are looking for. Some of the best-known brands for leather beanbags are "brasilheroe". This brand is known for their high-quality, durable and stylish beanbags. If you are looking for comfort and style, a leather beanbag Premium from "brasilheroe" is the perfect choice for you. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the premium feel of real leather! feeling of real leather!

In short: Premium leather beanbag - luxury and comfort in one piece of furniture.

A Premium leather beanbag is more than just a piece of seating furniture. With its chic design and high-quality materials it offers comfort and style in one. It is perfect for the living room, bedroom or even the office. Thanks to its flexibility, it adapts to any sitting position and ensures optimum relaxation. It is also easy to clean and to clean and durable, making it an excellent investment. Whether you want to read a book, watch TV or just want to relax, a Premium leather beanbag is the ideal choice. It is not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher in any room.

In short: Premium leather beanbag - luxury and comfort in one piece of furniture.

The Premium leather beanbag is more than just a piece of furniture. It combines luxury and comfort in perfect harmony. Its high-quality leather gives it a sophisticated look, while the soft filling ensures a cozy seating experience. comfortable seating. A Premium leather beanbag adapts to any body shape and therefore offers the ultimate in comfort. It is also it is very robust and durable, making it a worthwhile investment. Whether in the living room, study or children's room - the Premium leather beanbag fits seamlessly into any room and quickly becomes a favorite spot. In conclusion, the Premium leather beanbag is an absolute must-have for anyone who values design and comfort. design and comfort.