The BEANBAG - health-promoting - also for the working world!

An article by Sebastian Fromm
(Health Manager Vitalpark Heilbad Heiligenstadt):

Whether in reception areas, lounges, creative meeting rooms or private retreats: Nowadays, beanbags are becoming more and more common in the modern working world. They offer dynamic seating options that can be adjusted at any time and impress with their flexibility and different sitting styles.

However, doctors still have different opinions about their health-promoting effect, since the permanent sinking of the pelvis does not correspond to a healthy posture.


For a long time, the following rule applied to the “right” posture: sit upright, shoulders back, pull in your stomach to keep your spine as straight as possible.

In a normal working day, when sitting at a desk for a long time, very few people can keep up. What is missing is the movement!


Exercise plays a central role not only for general health, but also for sitting habits. Because the posture is more or less irrelevant as long as it is changed at short, regular intervals.


After a short time, you slump in an office chair, exposing your spine to unnatural levers. These also exert too much pressure on certain vertebrae at certain points. Everyone knows this, for example, from the constant, slightly downward "looking at the screen", which is very stressful for the cervical vertebrae.

In order to avoid this, doctors recommend getting enough exercise and changing your sitting position frequently. These recommendations can only be implemented to a limited extent on a normal office chair. For example, air seat cushions can have a supportive effect by keeping the spine dynamic and flexible in order to prevent "stiffening". This is comparable to sitting on an exercise ball.

The same goes for the beanbag!

A beanbag from Brasilheroe adapts to the seating position thanks to the small beads, thereby protecting the spine. It is a great alternative to the office chair, as there are many different ways to sit on it.

Whether for a meeting or a phone call in a relaxed atmosphere - with the beanbags from Brasilheroe you achieve a health-promoting effect.